Just An Alarm Clock

Just an Alarm Clock is exactly what it sounds like. It's a clock. With an alarm. That's all. You can customize the colors, and choose from several fonts for the clock as well as several alarm tone options. But that's it. No tracking the vernal equinox, no automatically waking you at local sunrise. It's just designed to be easy to use. Set the alarm for the time you want. Swipe anywhere on the screen to make the alarm stop ringing or tap the large alarm bell to snooze. Nothing tricky, because lets face it, you're still mostly asleep when you are trying to operate this thing. Some other things it doesn't include? No pop-up ads, no in-app purchases to unlock the number 7, no annoying quizzes to make you think when you're not even awake yet. It's Just an Alarm Clock. And its free.

Version 3 Notes

Okay, okay. So originally we said there would be no accessing your music data. Well, it turns out that waking up to music is a thing people actually like. A lot. So this new version allows you to set a specific song or an album or playlist for your alarm. If you have an Apple Music subscription you can use that, or you can use music stored on your device. We also added an option for a soft glow and new fonts as well as bug fixes and just generally keeping up with the iOS releases. What did we not add? We didn't add any cost. Still free. Still no ads. Still Just an Alarm Clock.