myBriefcase is a document storage and organization app that allows you to store, view and share a wide variety of documents.  Version 1.2 brings with it iCloud support and a Universal platform.  So now you can check your email on your iPhone, import a PDF from the email into myBriefcase, store it in a folder, and when you open up your iPad the document will be available to you through your iCloud account.  If you have an office set up with the same iCloud account you can easily and automatically coordinate folders and documents so your whole team has access to the same information at the same time.  If you work with confidential data, myBriefcase now has password protection to ensure that even if you misplace your iOS device, your documents will be protected.  The automatic sleep protection ensures that if your password protection has been turned on your files will be protected even if you had myBriefcase open when the device was last being used.  All this, and it is still just 99 cents.